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As a solitary housecat, I am new to reading and trying to understand human literature. These are my immediate thoughts as I read the books on my humans' shelves. I hope you will share your own thoughts on reading, literature, science fiction, art, etc.

Please do be respectful of others.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

welcome 2013

Many nights I sat in the dark corner and watched the humans playing with this thing, which I realized was called Computer. It took me a while, but I figured out how to interface with this Computer myself.

I have been living in captivity for as long as I can remember. The humans are generally kind, but they are away most of the time, and I find myself alone quite often.

I hope that I will find someone with whom I may converse, now that I have found The Internet. I would like to learn more about the world outside the confines of this apartment.

I have been studying the papers they leave laying about, along with the dictionary and thesaurus. Finally I am able to correlate the symbols with the strange sounds the humans make.

The other books in our home are very different, however. Rather than clearly stating what they mean, these books ramble on and on in long strings of seemingly unrelated words. I must study this.

One of the humans read K-PAX last weekend, and it is still sprawled open on the couch. I will start with that. My next post will be on K-PAX. 


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