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As a solitary housecat, I am new to reading and trying to understand human literature. These are my immediate thoughts as I read the books on my humans' shelves. I hope you will share your own thoughts on reading, literature, science fiction, art, etc.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Housecat's Review of K-PAX

K-PAX  cover image, St. Martin's Press, paperback edition 2001Dr. Gene Brewer is an accomplished psychologist at the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, specializing in multiple personality disorder. Naturally, he sees this disorder, or other psychological maladies, everywhere he looks. As he examines prot, an interstellar traveler from the planet K-PAX, his own obsessions and insecurities reveal themselves.

prot captivates the people who meet him. His lucidity and naïve way of questioning the norms of human society trigger reminiscence and self-reflection in the doctor, confidence and healing in others. He provides startling and verifiable details about his home planet, and performs inexplainable acts that seem to confirm his K-PAXian origin.

The plot is compelling and prot’s agreeable nature, even when held in captivity, leaves me wanting to know more about him, his life, and his opinions on life and the universe.

On a personal note, I found it interesting to read of other cats, but was dismayed to read the doctor “had lunch in Ward two and laid down the law: no cats on the table,” a common and most tiring proclamation by my humans. 


Title: K-PAX
Author:  Gene Brewer
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Imprint: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Edition: paperback, January 2001
Copywright: 1995, Gene Brewer

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