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As a solitary housecat, I am new to reading and trying to understand human literature. These are my immediate thoughts as I read the books on my humans' shelves. I hope you will share your own thoughts on reading, literature, science fiction, art, etc.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cats in Space - A New Reading List!

My friends, the geniuses at Electric Literature have done us a ginormous favor. They have posted A Bunch of Science Fiction Books with Cats on the Cover. Truly brilliant. 

When I can get my paws on one of the human's credit cards, I will do my best to acquire these books. It may take me some time to find them all on Abe Books, but I am on a mission. I will lay in wait until my desired prey comes in focus. Then I will devour these books one by one. 

I am hopeful that this will be a better year. My humans seem to have settled down. Did you know, they insisted on moving twice in the last year? I don't deal well with change, I'm afraid. 

Since the last move, I've exhausted myself, following them from room to room demanding to know what they are up to. Most of my rest has been uneasy, perched on suitcases and the like. 

But, the travel bags have been put in storage, and the books have been unpacked and shelved, so I am getting more comfortable and hope to have a quite winter of reading. 

Warmest regards,