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As a solitary housecat, I am new to reading and trying to understand human literature. These are my immediate thoughts as I read the books on my humans' shelves. I hope you will share your own thoughts on reading, literature, science fiction, art, etc.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

10 words I had to look up in Perdido Street Station

Greetings comrades in reading. I am exhausted by Perdido Street Station. I need more time to think about it before I can fully report. The full tragedy of it all has not yet sunk in. 

The book is long and I had to look up a lot of words. Here's a sampling of the vocabulary I had not heard before:
10. inveigles
09. scree
08. autopoiesis
07. inchoate
06. oleaginously
05. scintilla
04. zoetrope
03. pusillanimous
02. vertiginous
01. oneiric

Mieville used numbers 01 and 02 repeatedly throughout the book, so that gives you an idea of the novel's ambiance. I hope to post my report soon. 

In the meantime, I found this interesting:
AbeBooks Most Expensive Sale in January 2013 was a signed first edition copy of Dune for $15,000. Wow!


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